A dead Kestrel
Acts of upset                          (long dark nights)
Acts of redeeming men

That you should pass through it!
And it through you!

Syphoning petrol will your tongue bring
Acts of reconciliation
By sailboat out of the blue

Hands hardened by petrol
Don't hands move themselves?
In a denial of themselves, whispers of shape SHIFTing
it, it sa                   

An act of love to bury a Kestrel
To hold telling only what we know! know now!
To bury a Kestrel
Account for

Dying joys they need you and me
On a coastline past heaven
Dying joys they need you and me


Song for Dylan 

We met in the middling place
With gifts of table juice and no eyes 
And you wore the most perfect clothes to drink potions and believe in
Like when you got your septum pierced 
We made tiny slits beneath each eye and 
Being both able to weep at will
Tears of blood came coursing down our cheeks 
Then you marked the sun on my back for hours -
Like how love once risen, never sets 


Jenn's Soundcloud Image 

There is a circle I know
A window out onto a lake
A house made from stone that is warm from resting in the sun
Its curves are mine 
Circular windows large and arches leading into rooms 
- rooms to room -
Unordained mostly, speaking gently of itself

My body allows me to walk out toward the lake
I love me for my endless possibilities 
And sometimes feel acutely wronged 
For being such a brutish boy

The house and lake teach me to be gentle
When I move with them I am a child 
How can I feel so cosmic?
Feel so dearly the stars in my arms?
For I am a child of all the gods who have been and gone 
And sibling of those who have yet to be

And what of the space between the house and the lake?
What inhabits this passage?

A meadow and a fruit tree
Two lovers entwined,           
swapping sentience
They speak in their own tongue

And what of now?

Now there is a rectangular window
One of two glass planes on the top floor of an old french house
There are three floors in total 
On a clear day you can see the Pyrenees

The house floats among the clouds -
The remaining world, instead of dropping away
Saturates this mirage with singing birds and
Many shades of green becoming yellow

Below the window is heard
A door slam and dogs bark
The sounds are first worrisome
Then Deeply comforting

"oh the cause"
In the night cats scratch at bedroom doors
They are loving creatures
But you dare not disturb them 


Sometimes here and there, there is a vast dullness
But mostly I am cosmic
And visited by my shaggy spirit dog
Looking through the circle window



Sleeping in the mid-day sun
With you perched over us
We dragged mattresses onto the warm wood
And slept, three of us, and knew we were your children
- How time stands still when you let it -

I said

How time stands still when you let it
And close your heavy eyes



I  believe in love 
Fuck you divorcees 
Everyone’s parents
Every single one 

I am young and want to have children young 
I am young and want to die young
I am young and want to be adored! young!
And fuck you you can’t take that from me 

You can trap me and cast your misery
From the concrete in your heart 
But I feel love in my stomach 
And am always dizzy and am always melting 

You numbers learned 
You guilt begotten 
You anger quaking 
You scared and alone 

I am born of the Great Goddess 
And am no child of yours 
And fuck you you can’t take that from me 

I will know the joys you don’t 
My heart denies your sorrow 

And fuck you you can’t take that from me 
And fuck you you can’t take that from me 
And fuck you you can’t take that from me